Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's in your Broom closet?

Three little monkeys live in mine.
What do you want for breakfast I ask.....
giggling is all I here.
One day when I pulled out the cold cereal for breakfast Jace quickly went to the pantry. Opened the door and pulled out the pancake batter saying. " I said I wanted breakfast!" Which meant mom I want pancakes and eggs. MY boys are all meat and potatoes guys.

"All done"

'All done' Says Bryan at the table.
'I'm done my princess Mommy' - Lilly every time she poops. Letting me know it is my turn to wipe her bum. 'Is it all gone, mom?' 'Yep, I say and tell her to flush and wash.' She says she will do it herself (wipe before she goes to school)and sometimes she does.
"It's OK Mom! It's OK." Jace loves to say.
Medical update - Past month
Jake - Carbon monoxide poisoning, passing five kidney stones, allergies and a head cold. Poor man of mine!
Jace and Bryan have both had ear infections.
Lilly and Jace are recovering from a summer viral thing.
Mom - still pregnant with all sorts of the symptoms but won't bore you with details. Lets just say I feel that my body is 'All DONE'.
Here's a thought for those of you that notice when you are starting to get a head cold or sore throat are anything like it. Drink a few quarts of Red raspberry leaf tea. I like mine sweetened with honey. It really does cut the time in half if not completely. I love the stuff, um Jake not so much. The kids are starting to ask to have some. Plus it is good for growing babies - which I have been doing for the last few years:)

What no pictures?

I thought I would just write a few things while I was thinking and just post them before I didn't even that much done. A friend's father of mine told me of how he knows people that print of their blog entries every year and binds them in book form to keep as their family journals. I loved the idea and so here I am. I don't have much time these days for fun scrapbooks or other forms of journals so here I am rambling on and on. I will one day catch up with the tech of things and hopefully be quick at posting the pictures. Until then reading is our update. I find myself writing on the back sheets of the child's well check forms that the doctors office hands out. This gives a short glance of what each one has been up too.
Speaking of reading we ordered a program to help us teach the kids to read. So far they love learning! We are still in our first week and already are seeing results.
I am looking forward to having them join in reading during family scripture time.


'A friend is someone who leaves you a better person than when they found you.' -Blaine Pugmire.
I love this thought! It is so true. Think of all those friends that have inspired you to become better in your life simply by just being around them and having them be themselves. They are wonderful! To those of you reading I want to say thank you!!! Thank you, you are more wonderful than you realize!
Other fun quotes.
'Be yourself! Nobody can tell you that you are doing it wrong.' - Snoopy
'Some people come into our lives & quickly go. Some stay for awhile & leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.'
Have a most beautiful day filled with heartfelt love and much Happiness!

Can you really become too big to fit into your maturnity clothes?

That is my question of late. I have put skirts on that I wore during other pregnancies that now show my knees. My dear husband will simply ask if I am going to change my outfit before leaving the house. I get it I do. Last night he asked if my belly was hanging out. Sure enough... it was. Sixty pounds heavier than I was on my wedding day. I look forward to losing the weight and running with the kids.
I am now at 35 weeks and the doctor is estimating that our little girl weighs approx 8 to 8 1/2 lbs already. Given my track record he doesn't expect her to come anytime soon. So we are walking every night and I am doing some serious spring cleaning - all that I can do while chasing three kids around.
Last night we set up the crib and pulled out the baby clothes out of storage. Now the kids are telling baby sister to come out. Lilly told her should could come out in five minutes. Jace told her simply to 'Get out of there now'. Bryan loves his big boy bed. We are ready now so whenever she it will be great. So if you don't see a whole lot of us maybe it is because I ran out of things to wear. :)