Friday, January 9, 2009


Adventzeit! We did a few things each Sunday prior to Christmas ,we made gingerbread houses from scratch. Lilly helped make the dough and before she could help decorate with mommy & daddy she and Jace fell asleep. Jake and I felt like we were on a date at home. We both love design so it was fun. Lilly quickly understood that the houses had treats on them the next morning. So she would push the chair up to them chanting 'no no no' as she pulled pieces off to eat them Yummy candy! She was so proud of herself. "No No No" = mmmmm!Jace loved Santa's reindeer bells. Lilly... love anything about Santa? Um.. No so much!
We made a nice turkey dinner for Christmas Eve and read the Nativity Story from the bible afterwards. A tradition we are looking forward to doing every year. (It was my first turkey I ever cooked! and Surprise - it turned out perfect!)
On St. Nikolaus tag(day - December 6th) the children received a kids nativity set. They played with it all of December. A few favorites - Jace mauling the angel and trying to eat baby Jesus. Baby Jesus was placed higher for safe keeping. He also liked the sheep a lot. Lilly taking the manger apart and carrying it all through the house - everyday! My all time favorite was after we went to open gifts on Christmas day - Lilly went straight to the manger scene and started handing out the characters to all of us. It is precious to me that 'a young child shall lead them.'
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you feel our Savior's love for each of you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The fun has just begun!

I will post Christmas and New Years shortly, but for right now I wanted to share the fun that Jace has discovered. That of surprise and Yes, picking on his sister. He will be a whopping 7 months old on the 12th and is already well on his way of playing the role of the teasing brother.

Originally I placed Jace in the walker to help 'protect' him from Lilly. Well, lets just say he has figured out how to maneuver it to his advantage. Just yesterday he learned that if he let me pass in front of him he could quickly cut sister off when she tried to follow me. The best or worst part of it all is that he laughed. So Lilly, tries to pull his walker back to let herself through. Just as she goes to place her hand on the walker he quickly stops or rolls the other direction leaving her only to slip and fall to the floor. Yes, folks the fun has just begun!

He has also discovered if he runs into the slightly opened bathroom door he can surprise his sister's bath time!

Another one for Jace! I do love to hear him laugh! It is very contagious. As long as Lilly isn't upset to much. They are easily entertained with another and do play nicely with each other - for the most part right now. Life is great!