Monday, October 26, 2009

BUSY Crazy Fun!

Life is great - Here's some summer fun!

Because life can be random fun so can I - after all it is fun to have fun!!! This blog will not be in any particular order - just smile and enjoy it! :) We went swimming every week we could. She is not longer afraid of the swimming pool. She dubs the boots I found for her brother and we traveled to be with my sis and her fam for the 4th, after the family reunion which I trimmed his hair so he could see the world of family far away!

Ok ok!!! So I have been slacking on the blog for a LONG while!!! Excuses - um well, lets see..... Keeping up with a one and half year old son that loves to climb into and onto EVERYTHING, who does not understand the word or meaning of NO! A two and half year old daughter who is very independant, loves to be motherly to that boy, and is still trying to potty train (She goes at least once a day on the potty- boy it amazes me as to how any of us got this far). All a while trying to stay on top of all the regular house chores. With this wonderful duo combo that loves buttons - I don't even try to attempt unless they are asleep SHHHH don't wake them!!! Oh, yes did i forget to mention that we are expecting another baby - BOY that is!!! Yes, life here is!!! We haven't even begun to talk about names yet. We are excited about all sorts of things. Daddy has been coaching football locally here and loved every day of it. 0-9 but it was the first season. He is tempted to help with soccer - about the same time baby comes. Halloween costumes almost complete. Holiday season coming up and the dear friends and family we love and hold dear! Luckily other than the 'common' head colds we have been well this year. Ok enough with the catching up Let's see some pictures uh!!!

OOPs!!! I just found another card full of pictures so you will have to wait til next time! Have a beautiful day!!!