Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowtime - Grandpa's Snowmobiles

We all had a lot fun! Momma even drove around- well, that was until Grandma said to get off! It wasn't good for the baby! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day! part two

With both sets of Grandparents so close there is not a reason not to celebrate the entire day with family. Tibbals tradition is Biscuits and Gravy for Christmas Brunch which is always yummy. Lake tradition is Christmas dinner which makes for a perfect day! We are so thankful for the Love all of our family shares with us. Thank each and everyone of you for all you do for us. The most important thing you can give is the love and time you spend with our children. WE LOVE YOU!

Lilly picked out the material and the pattern for her Christmas pj which Grandma made for her. They were both excited and Lilly said "I love a my dress I love a my dress. Good Job Grandma, Thank you, Thank you!"

Thank you Papa for not putting a real dog in the carrier!! She loves her puppy and has to take it everywhere with her. That and her pony.
"Here Grandma you watch my toys!" She would get upset if anyone would placed them on the ground so there ya go.
A suddle hint from Grandma! No we still haven't decided on our little boys name. Can you tell it is driving Grandma nutzykookoo! :)

Too much excitement can leave one to fall asleep at the dinner table. Notice the Spoon! He did not want a nap all day long!

Christmas Day!

So when the kids woke up and we asked if we had a visitor that night here is where they went.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Christ! I love this girl!

"I found Baby Jesus Christ!" We had put Baby Jesus away for the last week before Christmas and I kept telling the kids that they would find him under the tree on Christmas morning. She was so excited about it. I love to hear her saying Baby Jesus Christ too. So cute! So appropriate!

Jace stole Daddy's new tools and went away by himself to enjoy.
Lilly heard me say to her daddy 'here honey' - while handing him some wrapping paper to place in the garbage bag. Next thing we know she is painstakingly peeling the tape off of each giftbox and says to her daddy 'here honey'. 'thanks pumpkin' comes his reply. Next piece of tape is handed with 'here ya go pumpkin'... with a giggle and smile across her face. She is so very funny!
Jace is too excited about the snowman on the front of the box to care to see what was actually in the box. He loves snowmen! Just when I was updating the blog this evening he says to me, with snowpants in hand. "Help, make snowman." Maybe when the sun is out tomorrow.
He loves his new car! That is when sister isn't taking it.
"A Pink Princess Bike Just for Me?" Wherever we went this past year if she saw a bike she wanted to be on it and so for Christmas guess what she asked Santa for. She still needs daddy's help. Mommy can't exactly bend over like that a whole lot right now. That will change in 9 weeks though! :)

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Dinner Tradition!
This year we held it at my parents house. Jake provided the meat and the rest was left up to the host. Normally we hold it but seeming that I was not feeling that well Jake and mom decided to do it another way. I love to dress the whole family up and we tell the kids that we are going to a very special birthday party. I know I know.... my brothers inform me that Jesus' birthday isn't until the 25th but I enjoy this tradition that Jake I have started.After a nice meal we sit down to read the nativity story from the Bible. Thank you honey for making it happen this year! You are amazing in so many ways.

Here we are in front of one of the two big trees at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This year we were able to help decorate both parents homes for Christmas and the kids really enjoyed all of the many things about Christmas.

Jace loves playing at Grandma's house!

Dewey Vanesa and Wyatt joined us too. Here the kids love the ramp. They entertain eachother for a very long time here.

Ok so this was not on Christmas Eve but a few days before. As you might tell, niether kid wanted to be close to Santa even though they kept chanting 'Santa Claus is coming to town' for days before.