Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road trip - California!

Yeah! Ok so there are so many pictures that I am just going to break it up into days or trip. I hope you enjoy! First we stayed in Prim and then drove on the Redlands for Karen's big day. Grandma, Tricia and Missy went to the graduation so our family and Jeff hung out. We saw the Redlands temple and had rootbeer freezes later. Aunt Laura was such a wonderful hostess and had a delicious dinner for all of us before graduation and had some yummy deserts later. Karen looked beautiful and was excited to graduate with her class and to spend the evening in Disneyland. Grad Night! Fun stuff. We all ate at IHOP the next morning. It was great to see everybody again. After breakfast we went on to San Deigo with a little stop in Murrietta to reminience of course. It was nice to meet Erika and to see the place the family always talks about good times were had. My favorite was going to the San Diego Temple with my eternal sweetheart! It was an amazing night. Thank you to Grandma and Missy for watching the kids on our road trip! Ok so the first slide.....

Second Slide - Jace's birthday
San Diego Zoo and old San Diego

Third Slide.... Same day just the Beach!
Jace loved it and wanted to go in. Lilly not so much - she hates sand in between her toes. Yeah! We are working on that.... Enjoy!

Last Slide ..... of this trip that is. Sea World!!!
We had tons of fun seeing so much and all of the shows! We hope you enjoy the many pictures!

We warned you that there were a lot of pictures! Have a beautiful day!!! Enjoy something new this summer with your family.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family pictures summertime.

Family is about being together!

Family is about helping eachother!

Fathers make life fun!

Daughters share sweet kisses!

Family enjoys life's treasures together!

Family takes the extra time to walk together!

Children make us laugh!

Mothers give the best hugs!

Brothers seem to always make us smile and laugh!

Sisters are always watching out for us.

Family - its the best part of our lives! Enjoy your
own families today! Take time out to be with them!
Have a beautiful day! We love you all!

Happy Father's Day!

The kids made thier daddy a homemade card
with their little hands traced onto foam paper.

Getting ready for church. Has anyone seen Lilly's other shoe?
Our little puppy boy!!! His latest thing is to wake up and say
'Happy Day!' What a sweetheart! We just love our little 'Breathes
of Heaven'. Life is amazing. We Love You Jake. Thank you so
much for all you do for the kids and I. You are wonderful!!!

The Great Outdoors - well our yard.

Look Lilly caught her first fish - right out of the bucket!
Funny thing is that is probably the best she'll do for now.
She is pretty girly. She throws a fit if her sandle has a pebble in it.
She doesn't have a stop button either. She is such a joy and is
so expressive it is a riot. I will post more pics of her silliness later.
Jace put it back in the water.
P.S. Sis, we have you toy!

Summertime fun! I love watching
and playing with my children.

Taking their pictures are a lot of fun too.
Now if I could only catch up.
Thanks again Babe, for the great camera!

They grow up so fast. Thanks for enjoying
our life together.