Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun in the Fall!



Who ever thought that two infants would have so much fun laughing at eachother watching one another blow rasberries. Jace and cousin Charlotte thought that was the best part of the evening.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Dewey and Vanessa are proud parents!!! Wyatt Kenneth Tibbals was born at 5:45 p.m yesterday. He came in weighing 7 lbs and 20 1/2 inches long. We are yet to see pictures but you could hear and almost see the biggest grin on Dewey's face when he gave us the news. The two are extremely excited and they could hardly wait a day longer to get their little boy here. We are happy for you all!!! You will be great parents! We Love You!!


When we heard they induced Vanessa yesterday morning Jake came home worried and wanted to let Dewey know they should get that baby out ASAP. Well, Jace heard the seriousness in his Daddy's voice and almost started to cry. With Jace's bottom lip all quivering I told Jace to tell his cousin Wyatt to 'come out right now'. Later, we found out that Wyatt's mommy was thinking that same thing at that same time. Jace and Wyatt are only 3 months and 5 days apart. They have brought up the tally to three grandsons. His is the last of the three babies to be born this year. Charlotte came to Steve and MeLinda in March. Grandma Tibbals is ecstatic that the babies are all here, safe, sound and healthy. Not to mention there are 11 wonderful grandchildren now! We are oh so blessed!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weekend!

How sweet it is to Love and to be Loved!

Some weekend cuddle time with Daddy.

Jake ,Jess, and our little man all dolled up for the Governor's Annual Ball friday night.

Football season is already here! Which means Daddy and Lilly cheer really loud. I can't believe it starts so young. Lilly loves to clap! She already is getting a hang of the game too. I will throw the ball out into the yard and she goes to get it. She is a hoot! Brother can't wait to be older, he tried to wiggle out of his car seat the other day - he made it onto his side with his feet over the edge. He is too quick already.

Miss 'Lilly' - Surf'in the USA- In her dress more or less. Dressy like Mommy. Surfer like Daddy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer Time 'Ends' Blues

Poor Lilly! Three teeth all coming at the same time. Went for her checkup and found out her molars are on their way in too. Growing pains can be tough not to mention having a fever. All awhile Jace sleeps on!

Jace's Blessing Day

I loved my outfit even before we brought it home. I felt pretty handsome and with Momma behind the sewing machine it become custom tailored just for me. 'Momma's little Prince' Lilly,Daddy,Mommy and me on my special day!

Auntie Tricia taking it all in -helping me show off.

Finally a Blog!

Here's to all who have inquired and to those of you who make Blogging look great. Mostly this is to stay in touch with all who are wonderful and dear to our hearts. Life is wonderful! Thank you for being part of ours! We hope you enjoy and of course 'Have a beautiful day!'