Monday, October 27, 2008

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Hey everybody!
You know what time it is?

You know what I'm talking about
so don't even give me that look!
Don't make me come over there!

Hey Mom, Dad can you
fix my hair before we go?
So dress up and go have some fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been tagged by my friend, Jennifer, over a week ago - sorry not much computer time lately. so here goes...

3 of my favorite latest purchases:
The cutest little pair of shoes for Jace -$2 even!
Green and Silver Duck Tape in which we created our costumes with.
Our camera - Jake surprised me for mother's day- What a sweetheart! He is so good at giving! I love him oh so much!

3 favorite movies:
The Ultimate Gift
uhm... I can't think of any
I love feel good movies though

3 things I haven't done yet:
Read a book since I had kids.
Traveled Europe
Painted the kids room

3 things I can't live without:
My wonderful family
Sense of Humor

3 favorite dishes:
Homemade Tacos
Spinach Salad

3 favorite TV Shows:
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
HGTV - love it!

3 places you've last traveled:
Fernley Nevada

3 favorite desserts:
Mmmm... ice cream
Apple Pie

3 things I'd buy if money weren't an issue:
Everything to finish up the house and yard.
Play Secret Santa all year long.
Start my design line

3 wishes:
More good news on the news
Out of debt with a nice amount in savings
More hours in the day - well, some days.

3 friends I'm tagging:

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've been busy!

Hey Lilly! What are you and Momma up to?

Hey Jace! Its canning season! Apricots, peaches, necterines, apples and now onto grapes! Jucies, fruit rollups, slices and even jams!


Jace has been pushing himself in the walker for a few weeks now - backwards of course. He has started to laugh outloud as well. He especially enjoys laughing at his sister. She makes him smile and laugh everyday.

Lilly has discovered the joy of eating olives!
Yes! She is a silly girl!
We love our life!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Few Thoughts

LIFE IS SO VERY PRECIOUS! It never ceases to amaze me this reoccurring lesson taught by our Father in Heaven. He is in charge and loves us all so very much! As I was looking at my two wonderful child this morning I saw unconditional love in their eyes. Even if our home has been hit with the cold flu season. With runny noses and little whines it is nice to see them still smiling! Another lesson to keep relearning - keep smiling regardless of what happens to us. I love that they love each other so very much. It is cute to watch Lilly try to take Jace in her arms to give him a real hug. They enjoy kissing each other too.
LIFE IS INTERESTING! As we are in search for a vehicle I am reminded of how thankful I am for things. About a month ago while Jake went to guards in Salt Lake his car was stolen from the Orem Armory. When he called me he asked if I was playing a practical joke on him. I had to reassure him several times that I was not. Turns out, after reporting it on Saturday we received the phone call Sunday night informing us that it was recovered and that someone had tried to destroy it. After a scary night of wondering who would be out to get us. I asked Jake to pray to get the fear out of our home and then we went on enjoying our lives. I just kept thinking that we all were safe and with each other, what more could we really ask for? Nothing in my mind. Sure, life hands us some crazy things some times. But I know that when as a family you wade it out it all works out. Good news - the car is totaled! I was dreading owning a burnt inside vehicle if they weren't declaring it totaled, along with dirt and gravel in the gas tank, oil and steering fluid.
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Autumn with its smells of leaves and cooking! This week Lilly made all sorts of types of breads with her Grandma Tibbals. (Only mommy forgot the camera). Lilly especially loved the zucchini bread. And of course grandma taught her how to lick the spatula. She was in heaven. Only we had to fight her to get it away from her. Now she smiles when she has a new piece of their special made bread! We have also enjoyed raking up leaves and running through them with the cousins. Jace started to roll over last week and he is constantly blowing raspberries. He sits up in the walker and Lilly comes and stands on the side, both laughing. He also has started to laugh with others. Grandma and Grand Lake get a kick out of watching him. Lilly keeps us in stitches with all of her expressions and the little things she does. She is always doing something!
LIFE IS GOOD! Hearing the Good Word of God! Conference weekend was wonderful! Aside from Jake not being able to watch it with us because of guards. The kids and I watch the last session with Grandma and Grandpa Lake. Between the two kids I didn't hear all of it but that what I did hear it was just what I needed! I loved Elder Wirthlin's example of using sense of humor in our lives and it was great to be holding both kids at the time our prophet was telling us to enjoy them today because they grow up so fast. I am so thankful that Jake watched both of them so I could listen to women's conference with the other sisters in our stake. Pres. Uchtdorf's talk especially reached my heart with many reminders of things I needed to hear and do.
I LOVE MY LIFE! May you love your day as well!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's Wyatt at 2 weeks!

8 lbs 14 oz He Loves to Eat
Says his Momma. All are
doing well and Dewey and
Vanessa are loving everyday.