Friday, February 25, 2011

Random - it has been 10 months!

I could be posting another baby for all you know. Just kidding - not yet! That will be in June! It's a girl! We are so excited! Lilly says her name is 'baby sister'. Thats it baby sister. She loves to 'hug' her baby sister and gives her kisses and then tells me that she is smiling and that she loves her too. Pregnancy has been a rough one with nausea and overehaustion. Most days I could just lay around. But thats not much of an option with three little ones. I do love movie time during the day, when Bryan sleeps and the others watch so I take a little nap on the couch. I told Lilly only to wake me if it is an emergency. One day she woke me saying 'Momma, it's an emergency! Jace is taking off his own POOPY diaper." "Yes, Lilly, Thank you that is an emergency!" Fortunatly he hadn't made a mess over anything but the clothes he was in.

Bryan's loves doors! He has been crawling since he was five and half months old. And since then he loves to open and close doors. Since he didn't mind not walking until ten and half months he is very fast. Our household knows to keep all doors to bathrooms closed. One morning while I was changing the boys first diapers of the day the phone rang. It was Jake needing me to forward something to him from his office upstairs. Immediately afterwards the door rang. I ran to the laundry room to put a more descent outfit on, while Lilly ran to see who was at the door. It was my brother and mom. I ran back downstairs to check on Bry-guy (as he is called around here). He was no where to be found. We could a 10 month old possible gone in a basement? Then I remembered the doors. I asked mom if she could help me look. "What do you mean you don't know where Bryan is?" I went to the bathroom door - first down the hall. I could not get it to open. That little boy had gone inside, shut the door, and then pulled out the drawer baracading himself inside. I could hear him playing with a wrapper of some sort. Mom said we were going to have to call for the firemen because a child was invovled. I told her I could break down a door just aeasily as they could. Thats when she called for Levi and I gave him a screwdriver to create a hole he could place his hand in and close the drawer that blocked the door from opening. You could hear at first Bryan was not a bit concerned, that was until he saw the screwdriver forcing bits of the door at him. Carefully the hole was made and the door was opened. Bryan had a reese's pieces wrapper in his hand and was looking at all of us like 'hey, what's up and why are you breaking things around here?' Thank goodness for hollow 80's doors!