Friday, July 20, 2012

Haley's Already One!

She is one of the toughest little girls I have ever seen. People will tell us that she looks too little to be functioning on such a fast and high level. Hey, when your the youngest of such a group you have got to be fast. She is very well balanced and daddy and I love how she takes out time of her i gotta run schedule to give us hugs and cuddles. She is as sweet as she is quick! We love her! quick facts about our baby! eight teeth. took first steps on 9 month. started walking at ten months. can tuck phone under ear/chin and dodge Bryan while running. First seriously scrapped up knee this week. loves giving daddy kisses and often leans in and steps back. she is a tease. can pull Bryan off laundry basket. learns everything from her brothers and sister. wants to be as big as everyone else. loves to swim loves playing in the water. will run through sprinklers. has captivating big blues eyes and a catagious smile! very much loved by many!
Daddy found a butterfly in the cold grass while mowing. He said to grab the camera and the kids and come take a look. After holding the bitterfly we set it on the flowers out front. They asked if we could keep it forever. I said it would happier outside in nature so we played and watched it for a while. When it warmed up again it flew off... don;t worry it still comes around to say hello now and again....and that is why our kids call butterflies Ella... they named her of course! :)