Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"All done"

'All done' Says Bryan at the table.
'I'm done my princess Mommy' - Lilly every time she poops. Letting me know it is my turn to wipe her bum. 'Is it all gone, mom?' 'Yep, I say and tell her to flush and wash.' She says she will do it herself (wipe before she goes to school)and sometimes she does.
"It's OK Mom! It's OK." Jace loves to say.
Medical update - Past month
Jake - Carbon monoxide poisoning, passing five kidney stones, allergies and a head cold. Poor man of mine!
Jace and Bryan have both had ear infections.
Lilly and Jace are recovering from a summer viral thing.
Mom - still pregnant with all sorts of the symptoms but won't bore you with details. Lets just say I feel that my body is 'All DONE'.
Here's a thought for those of you that notice when you are starting to get a head cold or sore throat are anything like it. Drink a few quarts of Red raspberry leaf tea. I like mine sweetened with honey. It really does cut the time in half if not completely. I love the stuff, um Jake not so much. The kids are starting to ask to have some. Plus it is good for growing babies - which I have been doing for the last few years:)

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