Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bubbles, Blossoms, Brides, and Bikes O my!

A Springtime stroll in our stroller.
Laura's Bridal shower. Lilly's first and not the last. She loved the Victoria's Secret box. Which she later carried and dropped out the lovely gift! She is such a girl. Congrat's again Laura.!!!

What was meant to be part of the game quickly became part of the decor on the buffet. Rolls of t-p with ribbon wrapped around and fresh tulips peeking through. A fun and fresh spring bouquet for the bride to be.

A walk in the garden.

Our Little Monkey Boy in a Tree.

Or should I say a Koala Bear.

Reach for those bubbles brother!

Evan and Jace looking things over with their transportation. It all checked out fine. Wehew!!

Lilly and Evan chasing bubbles in the yard.

Ya gotta be quick Lil or they'll get away!

Our Boy loves dirt... I will post a really good one later.

Lilly on Grandma Johnson's rockin' Bike.... Gotta love it!!!

Denver Road Trip in April ------Snow storm!!!

Little Lake & Small Frey.... the next Generation
Jace dancing with mommy.

Lilly and daddy dancing or should we say doing stunts. She loves to fly high in the air.

Amber's wedding was the whole reason we went to Denver in that historical snow storm. Congratulations again to Amber and Levi. Missy, Amber and Tricia.

Lilly and Jace were great help at washing laundry and packing before we left.

Oh what do you do when there is a foot of snow on the ground in Denver and it is still coming? Go swimming! Jace loved the water.... Lilly not too much.

Our little water baby.... he would just lay there and stroke the water with his hand.

We went to the Denver Mint. Here is our tour guide....

Jake and I got to go the Denver Temple for a session. It was wonderful. Thank you Grandma and Missy for watching the kids! Have a beautiful day!!!