Monday, April 19, 2010

A Month and a Half already?!!!

Bryan is a very happy boy and is growing very fast! He rolled over last week - Already! He smiles and laughs at his very funny sister. He has started talking more and is an easy going baby! We have been blessed with yet another breath of heaven! The Lord is kind!

Lilly loves being a big sister. She and Jace go on little trips together... Let's put on our shoes and go to Hawaii or to Grandma's house or to California. She loves 'our baby boy Bryan' and enjoys introducing him to others and gets very defensive if someone asks to keep him. I am trying to convince her of doing her hair in the mornings and at anytime of the day. She is very talkative and has her own opinion. She says the funniest things - I really need to write them down more often. Sometimes she gets so excited that all we here is 'nannannana ....and nannanana' with a big giggly smile at the end.

Jace loves to get into things and he is quiet about it. He has started talking in complete sentences and sits on the potty. He loves to read! He loves his brother too. I was actually very impressed with ow much he took to having a new one in the house. He is such a great boy! He is an early riser and I have found him into all sorts of things. From hersey kisses to trying on my clothes and shoes to cleaning my well needed shower. Try keeping pants on him? Good luck - I find trails of shoes, socks, and pants. During the winter I would put dark tights on him - clever because it kept at least his legs warmer but now the weather is changing we are going to have to be more creative.


Jenn Duncan said...

Your kids are so adorable and growing up so fast!

Rae and Ben said...

What a beautiful family. Its fun to see them growing up. Your life seems fantastic and happy, I sure hope it is, you deserve every second of it. Hope all is well. Love you. Rae