Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Happens!

It took us a month to find a home and we are loving it! I felt like I was on vacation for a few weeks and then I started to open boxes - so much stuff! Ready just to open them in garage and take what I want to keep and then have a yard sale saying take the rest. We were really spoiled to have so much storage available in our Mapleton home. I miss our custom kitchen and yard. Now we enjoy nevada sunsets on walks to the mailbox and swims in the pool. Enough yard to play. Things are looking good at work too. Life doesn't always go as planned but I know that "The Lord is in the details of our lives" (Pres. Monson) Crazy times with an adventure in everyday. Of course life with little ones have consistency too. Mostly bowel movements in or out of the toilet. Potty training can and does casue this momma to curse sometimes. :) Thought that ran across my mind the other day. I thought: I had charity and love for all people ...until I went on a mission. I thought I was a patient person...then I became a mother! Like my mission I need to pray to have the Lord's help raise these children and thru his tender mercies may i be granted patience in rasing these children. Funny things to that make my heart laugh. Children dressing up in crazy costumes asking is it Halloween yet? Mostly Jace but oh boy does he say the funniest things. It has made a world of difference since removing his tonsils in June. Or now when typing Bryan just brought me over a handful of screws and washers informing me that he took them out of the stools! Nice! It is fun to watch them try to figure things out... He insisted on opening he own granola bar today which meant he came back asking me for help five minutes later.... Haley throwing on my old joker costume hat. We love how she throws he head back and laughs. She is hilirous and she knows it. She has even figured out that she can get away with things when she flashes her smile. She is only 16 months old! Lilly is picking up on things at school :( some peoples children. she was singing "thats the way uh hu I like it' - Her daddy asked me if I taught that to her. Of course not. I told her that comes from the cheerleading types from school. Great! She and Jace hosted their own tea party yesterday after school. They had all four of them eating and using their best manners... I loved it! Have a beautiful day! For those around mountains and fall trees ENJOY them and throw them in the air for us! :)

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